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A recorded history of all Mat’s bands – proceeds go to Grind For Life. This is the first official release of the original Crash Course, House Of Faith Sessions.

Track list:

  1. 1.Crash Course - A Different Reason

  2. 2.Crash Course - Friend Of A Dead Fan

  3. 3.Crash Course - Sad Sight

  4. 4.Crash Course - Prince Of The City

  5. 5.Crash Course - Words That Hurt

  6. 6.Crash Course - Lost To Liberty

  7. 7.Deminer - Porkchop In Every Bottle

  8. 8.Horace Pinker - Nothing At All

  9. 9.Horace Pinker - South Stanley Place

  10. 10. Mat Flag (Lynyrd’s Innards) - Jealous Again

  11. 11. Mat Flag (Lynyrd’s Innards) - Rise Above

  12. 12. Deminer - Hey John

  13. 13. Deminer - Sellout

  14. 14. Deminer - Chaser (Live on WLUW)

  15. 15. Cooler by the Lake - Tokyo

  16. 16. Sweet Cobra - Chopping Block

  17. 17. Sweet Cobra - Holster Bone

  18. 18. Cooler by the Lake - Battle Of My Own

  19. 19. Closing In - Intro/Always The Victim

  20. 20. Closing In - Renter’s Rights

  21. 21. Closing In - Crosstown Rivalry

  22. 22. Sweet Cobra - Sprague Dawley

arluck time CD
Deminer, woes and so’s CD

The debut album, released in 2003 on our own label, Randoman Records. Co-released by Johann’s Face Records.

Track list:

  1. 1.How They Make Dolls In Southern, CA (SLAX)

  2. 2.Wish I Knew

  3. 3.Hey John

  4. 4.The Saddest Chord

  5. 5.17 Years

  6. 6.Sellout

  7. 7.Picked Up A Rock

  8. 8.Strangers

  9. 9.Chicago Ave.

  10. 10. Something New To Say

  11. 11. Porkchop In Every Bottle

  12. 12. Just Another Dream

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Deminer, We are one 7”

Recorded and released in 1997 on Randoman Records. The first recordings of the band – features early versions of “17 Years,” “Picked Up A Rock” and “Porkchop In Every Bottle.” This was recorded in San Jose, Calif. with same Crash Course line up of Miguel, Mat and Todd.


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house of faith sessions
the world i know CD
a tribute to pegboy

Mostly Chicago bands pay homage to the kings. 24 exclusive tracks. Deminer does, “Walk On By.” Other bands include Vic Bondi, Haymarket Riot, Mat Skiba, Lynyrd’s Innards, Shot Baker, Story So Far, Munition, The Phenoms and Break The Silence, among others. Released by Underground Communique.

arluck time DVD

This DVD features select songs performed live from all the bands that played Mat’s memorial show on February 4, 2010. Just like the CD, proceeds will benefit Grind For Life. Professionally recorded, with live audio by Greg Norman. Contains some great home vids of Mat during the credits. Directed by Miguel Barron.

Track list:

Lynyrds Innards - Rise Above, Revenge, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Jealous Again

Closing In - Intro/Always The Victim, Renters Rights, Brownfields

Crash Course - Prince Of The City, Sad Sight

Deminer - Porkchop In Every Bottle, Picked Up A Rock

Sweet Cobra - Leviathan, Mercy, Bottom Feeder

Cooler by the Lake - Clams Casino, Tokyo, Lady Touché, That’s Incredible